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Mysterious Adventures Society series middle-grade mysteries:

Calendula Cool

During the last days of fifth grade, a group of friends investigate a rumor of a girl who vanished, and find more than they bargained for. (2020)

"Difficult to put down, and easy to get lost within."

"5 stars.  A perfect summer read for all ages"

"This book has all the ingredients needed for a good middle-grade mystery."

City Book Review

CODA series suspense thrillers:

Seven Devils

Two crime reporters follow separate stories which both seem to point to a reclusive self-help guru and his remote compound. (2018)

"A modern, mysterious,

heart-pounding novel."

US Book Views

A crime reporter following an arsonist-turned-killer may be so close to his subject that he becomes a target. (2015)

"A story like wildfire—starts cool but only gets hotter."

Kirkus Reviews

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