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from Steve McManus! 

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The picturesque seaside city of Calendula (pronounced Ka-len-doo-la) occupies the southern curl of Camino Bay, in California’s rugged central coast.  


During the last days of fifth grade, a rumor races around school that a girl vanished in the local forest.  The totally secret Mysterious Adventures Society sets out to investigate.  Possible clues include a porcelain figurine of a sailor, a drama script from school—and an old rope trailing over the edge of a seaside cliff.  


But they’re not the only ones looking for the Ghost Girl.  A menacing stranger is searching for her too, aided by a group of bullies who are the sworn enemies of the MAS.  With the stakes rising and time running out, the race to find the Ghost Girl is on.


Calendula Cool is a story about childhood curiosity, friendship and loyalty colliding with adult grudges and greed, and what it’s like to be cool when no one else knows you are.



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